Comparing Capillus to Other Laser Devices

Capillus leads the industry for wearable home-use hair restoration technology.  Where Capillus innovates; others imitate. When comparison shopping among devices that claims to be "like Capillus," it is important to consider various factors:

  • Quality & Safety: All Capillus devices feature medical grade lasers only and are manufactured[1] by the company (Curallux, LLC) from our ISO13485-certified, FDA registered establishment located in Miami, Florida, USA.  This ensures complete control of quality in manufacturing and customer service. You can trust that we deliver what we promise.
  • Efficacy: Capillus technology is clinically proven to regrow hair and is recommended by known and respected hair restoration surgeons within the Capillus network. Capillus has been featured in the Journal of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery; a peer-reviewed dermatological journal of medicine. Users around the world have been using Capillus devices since 2012.
  • Convenience: Any treatment is only effective if the user is compliant. Capillus is wearable for easy and convenient daily use. Just wear our cap for 6 minutes each day for industry leading simultaneous treatment; compared to longer treatment protocols with pulsed wave technology or devices you have to actively move through your scalp. There is no need to move our device around during treatment. Unlike the majority of the industry for laser light hair restoration, Capillus continuous wave laser technology allows efficiency in treatment with optimal laser delivery to entire areas of thinning at same time, and it is battery powered so you can move about.
  • Features: Capillus features continuous wave technology (lasers do not blink) for optimal energy efficiency and delivery. Capillus was the first to introduce flexible-fitting, comfortable wear with LaserFlex™ technology to make our caps more comfortable for various head shapes and sizes. Capillus is the only company to feature our patented eye-safety sensors. Our battery pack allows for hands-free mobility during treatment and monitors treatment time to automatically shut off at end of treatment.
  • Trust: Capillus is recommended by physicians within its esteemed network of hair restoration surgeons and professionals around the world. 
  • Results: The CapillusPro was the subject of a double-blind, independently reviewed clinical trial with success rate of over 95% for increasing hair counts of patients with androgenetic alopecia.
  • Options: We offer options in laser coverage and pricing with our various models. Check out our other listings for more options.

We welcome questions and encourage research. Do not settle for anything less than the best when it comes to hair health.


[1] Manufactured in USA using foreign-sourced materials

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