How do I put in the replacement cartridges on my Volumizing Keratin Brush?

Watch a quick video showing how to insert the replacement cartridges on your Volumizing Keratin Brush. Step-by-step instructions and tips are also outlined below it.

Instructions for inserting the replacement cartridges into the Volumizing brush can be found on page 4 of your Brush Manual, and are detailed below.

Here are some additional tips:

  • When you peel off the protective film from the cartridge, make sure hold the cartridge horizontally to avoid spilling fibers.

  • When preparing to insert the cartridge, look for end of the cartridge with the arrows pointing towards the edge. That is the end that goes into the brush opening.


  • When inserting the cartridge in the brush opening, you will see that the plus (+) markings on the end of the cartridge and on the brush opening will align if inserted correctly. The cartridge will click into place.

(To order replacement cartridges for your brush, please visit our Accessories page.)


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