Choosing the right brush head for your Cap+ by Capillus Volumizing Keratin Brush

Choosing the Right Brush Head for Your Hair

There are two available brush heads for the Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush. 

  1. The Volumizing Keratin Brush comes with the Hard Bristle Head as a standard item.
  2. The Soft Bristle Head is an optional brush head, and is included with the Volumizing Keratin Brush Starter Kit.

Either brush head, as well as additional items for the Volumizing Keratin Brush, can be found on our Accessories page.


Use the hard bristle head for the following types of hair:

  • Long, straight hair, to conceal a widening part
  • Long, straight or short, straight hair—to minimize thinning all over, or hair color growing out
  • Medium-long to short hair, to hide a thinning patch on crown of head
  • Hair of any length—to cover diffuse thinning throughout the hair
  • Graying, thinning hair of any length, for filling in and enhancing color
  • Curly hair—for hiding thinning around the crown
  • More advanced thinning—sparse hair with areas of baldness  

Note: The Hard Bristle Head may take a few more brushes to build an electrostatic charge which helps the keratin fibers to cling to your natural hair.  



Use the soft bristle head for the following types of hair:

  • Shorter hair
  • Hair of any length, for concealing thinning near the hairline, or a receding hairline
  • Hair of any length, for root-concealing of graying hair, or for hair with highlights and roots growing out darker
  • Close-cropped, crew cut, shaved hair growing out, short hair—revealing scalp
  • Thinning hair on the sides (temple area)
  • Hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun—revealing thinning around the hairline
  • Delicate frontal hairlines
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