Comparing the Different Capillus Laser Therapy Cap Models

Key Differences Between the Capillus Caps

While each of the Capillus caps has numerous similar features, the primary difference between them is a difference in scalp coverage, as well as total energy output. What does more lasers mean? Density of lasers translates to density of results. With more lasers per inch you will see results over more areas, for even more results noticeable faster.Artboard_1_1x.pngCapillusUltra+TM

Our economical and convenient laser hair growth cap, the CapillusUltra+, offers great scalp coverage at an affordable price. The CapillusUltra+ has a total output of 560 mW. Compared to other hair regrowth options, this cap provides a higher power output with greater consistency, making for a more effective treatment. This is an entry-level cap compared with the other Capillus caps, which feature higher power output and a greater scalp coverage.

The CapillusUltra+ has a 1-year warranty.



A powerful and affordable option, the CapillusPlus cap has a total power output of 1010 mW, meaning you receive 1.8 times more scalp coverage in comparison with the CapillusUltra+.  That means there is more density of scalp coverage (the laser diodes are denser - less space between them - see diagram). What does that mean? It means you are going to treat more of the area simultaneously in each treatment, thus delivering results over more of the scalp. Results over more areas means more noticeable results faster.

Considered our mid-range laser hair growth device, the CapillusPlus provides you with noteworthy treatment to treat progressive genetic hair loss.

The CapillusPlus offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty, whereas the CapillusUltra+ offers a 1-year warranty.



Our premier device, the CapillusPro, is designed to provide you with the highest quality of treatment available on the market. Recommended and prescribed by physicians in our Capillus network around the world for years, the CapillusPro provides 1360 mW of total power output and 2.4 times more scalp coverage than the CapillusUltra+. 

The CapillusPro offers a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


Comparison Chart of Capillus Laser Caps 

CapillusUltra+TM CapillusPlusTM CapillusProTM

MSRP: $1399

MSRP: $1999

MSRP: $2999

Economical & Convenient

Powerful yet Affordable

Most quickly noticeable results

Great Coverage

Value-priced Device 

Better Coverage

Mid-range Device 

Maximum Coverage

Premium Device 


1.8 X the Laser Coverage Provided by CapillusUltra+


2.4 X the Laser Coverage Provided by CapillusUltra+

Over 33% more laser coverage than the CapillusPlus

410 mW Total Output
(Pulsed Wave)

1010 mW Total Output (Pulsed Wave)

1360 mW Total Output
(Pulsed Wave)



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