Why is the warranty different on different Capillus models?

Each Capillus model is slightly different, with different levels of laser density. For example, the CapillusPlus and Pro models offer a greater number of laser density than the CapillusUltra.

They also have different warranty lengths. The CapillusRX, available through physicians only, has the longest Warranty. 

If you'd like to enjoy added peace of mind, please know that Capillus has partnered with Extend to provide a way to cover your Capillus device against defects and breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear for an extra 1, 2, or 3 years beyond the original warranty period for your model. See more about Extend plan details.

Extend Protection Plans may be purchased on the product page on our website at time of purchase, or added subsequent to your purchase by calling our Customer Support specialists at: 1 (844) 280-4680. Extend Protection Plans must be purchased 31 days or more before the end of the original warranty period for your model.

The Extend plan covers:

  • Fast and free product replacements
  • Normal wear-and-tear and mechanical failures
  • Power surges and electrical failures

Extend offers you:



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