Is it normal for the battery to feel warm towards end of treatment?

Yes, it is normal; most devices emit heat from the battery when operating.  If it becomes too hot to touch, please call us at (888) 470-2710 for information on how to return your unit for evaluation.
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  • The connection between the hat and battery gets hot. It did not do this before. Is that normal? How much does a new battery cost?

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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for writing. If your battery is heating up much more than before, it probably needs to be replaced. Capillus Battery Packs have a 1-year limited warranty. If it’s been over a year since purchase, we offer new battery packs for Capillus caps for $70 on our website, and shipping is free.

    You can order your battery here:

    This page will give you options to order the correct battery pack for your device. If you’d like any assistance or to order by phone, please call us at (888) 470-2710.

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