Is there a way to program the Capillus cap for sessions longer than 6 minutes?

No. All current models of Capillus photobiomodulating caps for hair regrowth are auto-programed to emit laser energy for 6-minute treatment sessions. This amount of laser energy has been clinically proven effective. More time does not mean better results.

It is not recommended to exceed treatment protocol as there is a bell curve proportion for results of treatment. An excess of laser therapy treatment may actually have the opposite effect and provide diminishing results.

Older models of Capillus caps delivered laser energy though pulsed wave emission, verses continuous wave energy emission, requiring longer 30-minute treatment sessions on alternate days. The continuous wave output used by current models provides equivalent weekly laser light dosage over shorter daily treatments. With only 6 minutes a day, Capillus laser therapy is more convenient than ever, requires less time, and is more efficient than the 30-minute model.

Please follow the instructions for use for the best results. 

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