Can I use the Capillus Laser Cap more than once a day?

The short answer? You can but there is no evidence to show that it will help. In fact, using laser therapy for too long may have the opposite effect. We recommend you stick to the recommended 6 minutes of Capillus laser therapy per day. Here’s why.

According to the Arndt-Schultz Law, more is better up to a certain point but after that point you will start to have diminishing results and have the opposite effect. The exact point for maximum results in hair regrowth is unknown as there have not been any studies to make a conclusion.  The treatment protocol was Capillus has been clinically proven to achieve positive results thus we recommend sticking to what is proven.

Please follow the instructions for use (unless otherwise advised by your physician) and do not use the Capillus Laser device more often or for longer periods than 6 minutes per day.

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