How do Capillus laser caps compare to other devices on the market?

We frequently receive questions regarding how our devices compare to others on the market.

At Capillus, we are leaders in innovation, from 6-minute treatments to flexible fitting comfort…we pioneer, others imitate. We also deliver what we promise. Capillus is a reputable brand you can trust. We provide ultimate traceability and quality in our ISO13485-certified medical devices.  

Capillus devices use only laser light energy, no LEDs are used, unlike other devices in the market. A laser beam at 650 nm penetrates the hair follicle where it is necessary, unlike an LED diode which disperses and does not penetrate to the same depth to be effective. We provide options in laser density with laser devices ranging from 410 mW to unparalleled 1560 mW. 

Based in Miami, with manufacturing and customer service operations on site, Capillus offers seamless accessibility for distribution, maintenance, and customer service. We pride ourselves on medical and laser therapy expertise with medical direction from renowned hair restoration surgeons and laser industry knowledge. Capillus is a preferred laser therapy brand of leading hair restoration surgeons within the Capillus physician network.

The video below explains how Capillus compares to laser devices sold by other companies in quality and kind:

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