What is the proper way to turn the Capillus Laser Therapy Cap on and off?

Here's a video with instructions on how to turn the most recent models of the Capillus cap, with information about what the lights and sounds mean. 

If you’d like to check whether the cap is functioning at any time during treatment, just look at the cable to the battery pack to ensure it’s still glowing red at the insertion point. (Refers to V. 4.6 and higher)

Your Capillus User Manual and the Quick Start guide have specific instructions about turning the laser cap ON, as well as its automatic shut OFF.

For your convenience, the steps are also listed below.

NOTE:  Instructions vary slightly according to which BATTERY PACK you have. Older models of Capillus use a different Battery Pack, for example those marked V4.9, V4.6, V.3, etc.*


Turning the laser cap on:

Place laser device on your head. 

For V4.9: Press and hold for 1 second the power button on front of Battery Pack to turn on & begin treatment. 

(For V4.6 & V4.3:  Simply tap the power button on front of Battery Pack to turn on & begin treatment.) 

The battery level indicators on top of the Battery Pack will light. The emission indicator light on top of the Battery Pack will glow red to indicate that treatment has begun and lasers are operational. Please note that there is a sensor on the inside of the device that only allows light to be emitted when the cap is on the head.

Should you hear continuous beeping during treatment it may be an indication that treatment has been interrupted. 

NOTE: The Capillus laser device will not operate if the Battery Pack is connected to the AC adapter.


Automatic turn off

When the automatically programmed treatment session is finished (6 minutes), you will hear three longer successive beeps to indicate the treatment period is over, the lasers will automatically shut off, and the emission indicator light on the Battery Pack will turn off. When treatment is over after 6 minutes, the Battery Pack will turn off automatically. Disconnect Battery Pack from laser cap and store until next use.


Please keep in mind that turning your Capillus cap on and off may vary slightly depending on the model. All batteries can be turned off manually by pressing and holding the button, but most batteries turn off automatically at the end of the treatment session.  The V4.6 and V4.9 turn off automatically at the end of the session. 

You can check which Battery Pack your Capillus laser cap uses by looking at the end of the battery as shown:


Note: Newer models turn off automatically after 6 minutes.

The video and information below applies to earlier models of the Capillus cap.

Place the laser dome on your head and simply TAP (do not "hold")
the power button to begin treatment. 

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  • Can I leave cable connected to battery pack or must I disconnect cable at white arrow after every use, ?worried connection cable will wear out with daily use.

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  • How often does the battery need to be recharged?

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  • After the initial charge, please charge the Battery Pack only when final light is blinking. Please refer to page 6 of your manual.

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  • Peggysmokie, I noticed your question here and checked with our compliance team. The answer about whether you can leave cable connected to battery pack is:
    >>You should disconnect the cable at white arrow after each use. It should be disconnected from the cap between uses, otherwise it slowly drains when connected. It will not wear out the connection.

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  • Is the battery pack and helmet bulky? Does it take up a lot of space? Is it cumbersome to use?

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  • Is it dangerous in the long run to submit your scalp to laser beams?

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