Are there different sizes of the Capillus cap available?

Yes. There are currently 2 sizes available for the CapillusUltra, CapillusPlus, and CapillusPro: Regular, and Extra Large.

    • Regular size caps are comparable to a size 7 hat and fit most heads, up to 24" in circumference.
    • Extra-Large size caps are also available, and they are comparable to a size 8 hat.

Please contact Capillus customer service at 1-888-272-9599 if you'd like to place an order for an extra-large size, as they are not currently available for purchase onsite.

You may wish to read How tight or loose is the cap supposed to fit? for further insights about caps size relative to your head.

For smaller hat sizes, as long as the cap is within 2 cm all around (3/4”), it is within an effective range.   Therefore, while it may fit more loosely, anyone whose head measures 21” or larger will be fine with a standard Capillus cap.

If you are concerned about Capillus cap's fit for a smaller head size, please view the video below:


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