How do Capillus® caps compare to other physicians’ “dome” and laser comb products?

The two most popular alternatives to Capillus laser caps are low-level laser therapy (LLLT) “domes” at physicians’ offices and personal-use laser combs. LLLT domes offer LLLT that is both powerful and comprehensive, which may be effective in reversing the signs of hair loss. However, patients ultimately need to make time to visit the physician’s office for treatment every other day.

At-home products offer the clear advantage of flexibility and convenience. However, laser combs fall short. Laser combs feature only a small number of laser diodes and must be brushed through the hair for the duration of treatment. Most patients grow tired of combing their hair for up to 30 minutes every other day, leading them to quit treatment before results are achieved.

Capillus laser caps combine the power of a physician’s office dome with the convenience of a laser comb. With 1360 mW of laser energy output, the FDA-cleared CapillusPro™ device offers more power and hair follicle stimulation than any other home-use LLLT device available to consumers. Capillus is also battery operated, awarding patients the flexibility to use the product anywhere, at any time.

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