Universal AC Adapter for International Use

Our Universal AC Adapter is included with your Capillus cap purchase and works on 100-240 AC voltage inputs, making it easy to recharge your battery around the world. Three alternate international plugs are also included with your purchase for use outside the United States. These snap off and slide in easily to use interchangeably as needed. 

The power supply for the Capillus® laser therapy cap has been designed for use in the United States and some international regions with power inputs as per above. We also include 3 alternate plugs for use in other countries. If the power outlets in your country use plugs different than the type supplied, it will be necessary to obtain an appropriate country-specific plug adapter.

Do not use any power adapters or other sources of power, other than that provided with the device. Use only the power supply provided with your purchase. Please note that connection to improper voltage supply other than what is indicated in your user manual will void the product warranty. 




INPUT AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.6A



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